The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

Mezzanine floor in Coventry?

Are you considering moving to a bigger storage unit or warehouse in Coventry? If the reason for moving is because you need more space, then a mezzanine floor can be a much more affordable solution for you. The payback period of a mezzanine floor is mostly less than 1,5 years, therefore, a mezzanine floor in Coventry is an affordable solution.

A free structural calculation in Coventry

Mezzanine Coventry
Our specialists will visit your site and perform a free-of-charge structural calculation in order to get to know your building. Then, our experienced team of project engineers, certified welders and trained installers will design, produce and install your mezz floor for you.

Our mezzanines are manufactured in our own factory in the heart of the Black Country. John Scott Works is part of an international Group that supplies mezzanines all over Europe: PRN-Group. We maintain our own production with severall roll forming lines. Because we produce our mezzanine floors ourselves, we can guarantee you a safe mezzanine floor of high quality.

All our mezzanines carry the CE-marking and can be put to a wide variety of uses, for example: in an industrial environment such as a warehouse, storage or industrial unit. But also in publicly accessible places such as showrooms or large shops.

The advantages of a mezz floor from JSW

We can build our mezzanine floors up to 3(!) levels. So when you think that one level of mezzanine isn't enough, we will build one or even two more levels on top of it. Also, our mezzanines can carry up to 4000 kg per square meter, so they can definitely hold a heavy load such as machines. Before designing and producing your mezzanine, our experienced team of project engineers will perform a free-of-charge survey and structural construction. Besides, our employees can also install your new mezzanine within a few days. Of course, you are also free to do it yourself, in that case, we will deliver the mezzanine floor and you can build it yourself.

Mezzanine flooring in Coventry: what are the costs?

If you use our cost calculator, we can give you an exact price of your mezzanine floor. Just fill in the measurements and characteristics you wish and we will send you an price estimate.

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