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The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

Mezzanine in Derby?

With a mezzanine floor from John Scott Works, you are guaranteed of an additional floor of proven quality. We produce our mezzanines ourselves, on several roll-forming lines. Therefore, we can provide the best mezzanine flooring solution, cost and concept-wise throughout Derby.

A mezzanine in Derby is the ideal solution for creating additional flooring space in your storage unit, warehouse or showroom. Mezzanines can be used in every industry or publicly accessible situations. With our accessories such as a handrail or tilting pallet gates, it offers a safe solution in every situation.

Why you should choose a mezzanine floor from John Scott Works

Location of John Scott Works in the UKAs mentioned above, our floors are of proven quality, therefore they all carry the CE-marking. Also, a major benefit of our mezzanine floors is that the loading capacity is extremely high, namely: up to 4,000 kilograms per square meter! This is far above the average of other mezzanine floor suppliers. Therefore, our mezzanines are suitable for every industry, even for heavy-duty.

Another benefit of a mezzanine floor is that its' payback period is mostly under 1.5 years and it will remain it's value throughout the years. That's why a mezzanine floor is a very cost-effective investment. With a mezzanine you will not only increase the value of your business, you will also earn it back in a short amount of time.

What are the costs of a mezzanine floor in Derby?

We will start with a visit. Our specialists will visit your site in Derby to provide a free-of-charge site survey and structural calculation. Furthermore, a mezzanine will cost you somewhere around 100 pounds per square metre. The exact amount depends mostly on the load capacity of your mezzanine and other specialties.

Would you like to get an accurate price estimate? Use our cost calculator, fill in the requirements, and you'll receive a quote within a few days.

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