The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

Mezzanine in a warehouse: biggest load capacity in the industry

Do you own a warehouse, or perhaps does the company you work for own a warehouse? And do you have a shortage of storage for your products? Then there are number of options you can do. First, you can look for a new space, but this is a lot of work, because you have to move all your products. Another option is to install a mezzanine floor in your warehouse. We explain what installing mezzanine floors contain, how much it costs and how it works.

Mezzanine in a warehouse Construction

The Mezzanine Construction is a self-supporting construction that serves as an intermediate floor to provide extra storage space in your warehouse. Jon Scott Works is one of the top dealers of mezzanine. With a mezzanine floor, we offer an affordable and effective solution for creating additional space in the warehouse.

A mezzanine floor to enlarge your warehouse

Storage expansion

To meet storage needs, we work with a mezzanine system floor to create extra level. If you think that you haven't got enough space with one layer of mezzanine, we can also deliver mezzanine floors with multiple layers, up until even more than three levels. This way the storage space is used well and your warehouse has four levels for storage. Besides you can choose from different mezzanine floors with different sizes, colors and materials. Depending on what your wishes are.

Our service

Why choose John Scott works? Not only because we provide you a solution for your shortage of space but we deliver customized work of high quality. We only use the best materials for the floors which are installed by our own John Scott Works employees. John Scott Works Ltd has experience based on more than 10.000 mezzanines installed worldwide. This global experience is therefore extra useful when you have an international company.

If you want to know more about all options of the mezzanine floor, please contact us. Do you want to receive a price indication? Then you can simply request a quote without obligation.

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