The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

The Mezzanine Factory

Mezzanine in Wolverhampton?

A mezzanine floor is an affordable solution for creating extra flooring area. You can easily double your floor space without having to build or move to a new building in Wolverhampton. More about a mezzanine in Wolverhampton.

Also, the payback period of a mezzanine floor is usually less than 1.5 years. That's why a mezzanine floor is more affordable than renting a new space. Besides, a mezzanine floor never loses its value. So if there comes a time when you do not need your mezzanine floor anymore, you can resell it to someone else.

Mezzanine Wolverhampton

Why a mezzanine floor from John Scott Works?

A mezzanine from John Scott Works is of proven quality. It carries the CE-marking and is designed and produced in our own factory in Wolverhampton, Black Country. John Scott Works is part of an international group, supplying mezzanines all over Europe: PRN-Group. We have specialist knowledge and a unique production line for producing our mezzanines.

Our mezzanines can be put to a wide variety of applications, in different industries. For example: in the industrial environment, but also in publicly accessible situations, for instance: warehouses, storages, industrial units, distribution centers but also offices and showrooms.

Reasons to buy a mezz floor from JSW:

1. A free site survey and structural calculation by our specialists in Wolverhampton;
2. Installation (and site management) by employees of JSW;
3. A load capacity up to 4,000 kg per square meter;
4. RAL-colour of your choice;
5. Guaranteed CE-marked floor;
6. A solution for lack of space in every industry.

Mezzanine floor in Wolverhampton: what are the costs?

Normally, a standard mezzanine floor costs around £100 pounds (this is a mezzanine floor without any specialties). But the exact costs depends mostly on the load capacity of your mezzanine. If you want to calculate the costs of your floor, use our cost calculator and you will get a price estimate. Our professionals are also happy to help you, feel free to contact us

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