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E-commerce mezzanine floors

The e-commerce is growing in the United Kingdom, and you might need more storage space for your goods. A mezzanine floor is the best way to create more space within your existing warehouse. Based on your wishes and requirements, we will build your brand new mezzanine floor.

Use your warehouse optimal

Use the available space in your warehouse optimal with an e-commerce mezzanine floor. Did you know that we can even build a multi-tier mezzanine floor? This way, you can double, triple, and even quadruple the useable space in your business building.

One of our e-commerce mezzanine success stories

Multiply your e-commerce capacity in a matter of weeks.

If the recent pandemic has made something clear for e-commerce business, it is the importance of a robust supply chain and fulfilment network. For this up-and-coming warehousing specialist, John Scott Works has provided the space in Bristol to keep up with their dazzling development. The 2,000 m2 floor stands tall at 6 meter finished floor height, optimising the usable space underneath. Installation took place during running operations – e-commerce can never wait. The scope included the 60-minute fire protection cladding of the mezzanine structure. In a matter of weeks, the company had multiplied their warehouse footprint.

Why are we proud of this e-commerce project? Most of all, it is the speed at which we realised it. In e-commerce, timelines are demanding. The solid international supplier network of John Scott Works enabled us to be on site within 7 weeks from the order in the middle of a global supply chain crisis. Also, JSW could rely on in-house manufacturing of joists and other components, which guaranteed a speedy delivery time. This is what John Scott Works stands for: the capacity to flexibly meet the needs of the demanding e-commerce business.

Quick facts:
  •   Year: 2021
  •   Location: Bristol
  •   Size: 2,000 m2
  •   Height: 6 m.
  •   Scope: design, manufacture, installation, fire protection
  •   Noteworthy: On site in 7 weeks in the middle of a global supply chain crisis

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