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Building mezzanines

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Building mezzanines

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Building mezzanines

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Mezzanine floor in Bristol | Create more space

A mezzanine is the perfect solution for a lack of space in your warehouse, storage space or showroom. It’s an intermediate floor between the main floors or the ground floor and the ceiling of a building. Instead of moving into a bigger building in or around Bristol, you can easily double or triple the available flooring area with a mezzanine floor in Bristol.

Mezzanine in Bristol from John Scott Works

Great you are interested in or orientating on a mezzanine floor in Bristol from John Scott Works. Our company is connecting the famous craftsmanship of the steel industry championed in the Black Country with today’s smart technology by investing in skilled people, production equipment and facilities. We do so as a specialist manufacturer of mezzanine floors. Our mezzanines are produced completely in-house using state-of-the art technology like cold roll forming and robot welding.

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Advantages of a mezzanine in Bristol

Besides you create extra space in the building, you will also earn back a mezzanine in about 1.5 years. Therefore, it is a very cost effective solution. Of course the payback period depends on the total costs of your mezzanine, but in general, you will earn it back within 2 years. Also the cold formed systeem mentioned above provides a cost-effective, practical and innovative alternative for the traditional hot rolled design.

From public showroom till industrial building

Not only is a mezzanine floor a very cost effective solution, it can also be used in lots of different environments. Think of industrial till publicly accessible situations such as showrooms or shopping malls. There are a ton of possibilities. As long as your building is high enough you can build up to three levels of mezzanine on top of each other. Also, the floor can be fitted with additional features such as a safety pallet gate and industrial stairs. The steel columns can also be coated in a RAL-colour you like. John Scott Works can personalize a mezzanine in Bristol to your wishes and needs.

Personal advise and free calculation in Bristol

Before a mezzanine floor is taken into production, our experienced engineers will perform a free structural calculation at your location in Bristol. Our team members can also advise you about the best setup for your mezzanine and which load capacity you need. The floors from John Scott Works can carry a load capacity up to 4,000 kg/m2.

Ask for a personal price

An average John Scott Works mezzanine floor will cost around 100 pounds per square metre. However, the costs of a mezzanine floor are depending on your wishes and requirements. This indication is based on most economical grid, excluding optional accessories and excluding other special requirements. If you want to calculate the exact costs of your mezzanine floor, use our cost calculator at the end of this page. You will receive a personal price estimate in your mailbox. This is way more specific, because the prices above are a rough guess as it depends on the load capacity and other features you wish to add.

Are you curious what John Scott Works can mean for your building? Request a quote online and feel free to contact us. Hopefully we see each other in Bristol.

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